How It Works

Step 1

Open the Rehab Offer Calculator on your laptop or tablet with Excel


Print out the Property Inspection checklist

Property Inspection Checklist

Step 2

Enter property information on the Offer Calculator Sheet.

  1. Choose which area of the country you are in from the Regional Cost Adjustment Drop Down
  2. Enter your estimate of the After Repaired Value
  3. Enter your estimates of Purchasing, Holding and Selling Costs (choose a % from the drop down selection or add $s)
  4. Enter your desired profit (as a % of the After Repaired Value)
  5. Enter the contingency you want to be used as standard (the % of repairs added as a “fudge” or “oops factor” – you will be able to adjust this for any room)
  6. If you plan on holding the property, enter the anticipated monthly rent and financing terms

fixer upper house offer calculator

Step 3

On the Materials Costs sheet, click either “Premium Grade” or “Builder Grade” costs to indicate which set of materials costs you want to use for the house.

Cost Type Selection

Step 4

Do your property inspection and indicate repairs needed for each room.  Enter in the room tabs or on the property inspection checklist that you printed out in step 1.  The Property Inspection Checklist follows the exact order of the room sheets so you can easily transfer the information later.

  1. Check the standard contingency to apply the rate you chose in step 2 or enter a fixed $ amount that will be used for the room you are working on only.
  2. Enter the room dimensions
  3. Click on the box to the right of the repair to indicate that repair is needed.  Click on the DIY box to the left of the repair to indicate that you will be doing that repair yourself.
  4. Some repairs use drop down selections.  A few (like replace rotted floor) need a measurement (click on the box for a description of the measurement).
  5. Costs are automatically calculated based on the boxes you check, drop down selections you make and measures you enter….and automatically update in the Estimated Labor & Materials Costs section on the left.  All costs are then automatically added to the entire house total.


Step 5

Open the Offer Calculator sheet again.  The Total Repair Costs, Contingency and Purchase/Holding costs are all now automatically calculated based on your room by room entries….and the Maximum Offer Price (based on all costs and your desired profit) now also appears.

Enter the offer you intend to make to see how that impacts your profit.


Once you have an accepted offer:

  • Access the Print Reports sheet and click “Create User Report.”  A room by room break out of repairs including estimated Labor and Materials costs for each will be automatically generated.  You can generate in an Excel spreadsheet output, pdf or both.
  • Access the Print Reports sheet and click “Create Contractor Report.”  A spec sheet for each contractor will be automatically generated (that does not include estimated costs).  Give this to your contractors and ask for a bid.

General Contractor Report


  • Open the Budget by Contractor sheet and enter your contractor bids in the yellow “Actual” cells on the right hand side.  The difference between the Rehab Offer Calculator estimates and your contractor’s bid will be automatically generated.

Contractor Budget


  • Open the Materials Order Form sheet.  This sheet has been automatically populated with a quantity and description of every material you need for the renovation.  Print and take to the building supply store.

Customize the Rehab Offer Calculator

  • Change any Labor Cost on the Labor Cost sheet and the cost for that item is automatically changed throughout all of the room sheets
  • Change any Materials Cost, Description, SKU, or Supplier and the cost for that item is automatically changed throughout all of the room sheets
  • The description on the far left of the Materials cost sheet is what appears in each room repair selection sheet.  If there is a green check mark next to that materials description, you can change the materials description (in the 2nd column) and your new description will automatically appear on all room repair selection sheets.

Change Materials Description

Change Materials Description 2

The Rehab Offer Calculator is:

  • Simple

  • Fast

  • Accurate

get the Trial Version today and see for yourself!  Why keep guessing what repair costs are on renovation projects?  It could end up costing you thousands when you overpay for a property or pay a contractor too much….